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Slide Show

This is the brief presentation we used in some of the forums to give us some common language about inclusion and health.

The slide show is available in three different formats:

  • the original Powerpoint format,
  • PDF, for on or off-line viewing or printing, and
  • an HTML slide show for online browsing.

Download Powerpoint presentation (requires Microsoft Powerpoint or the free Powerpoint viewer).

Download PDF (requires a PDF reader like the free Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Slide Show Navigation

You can navigate the slide show several ways:

  • move your mouse to the bottom right-hand corner of the page and use the controls that pop up,
  • use the keyboard short cuts listed below,
  • toggle between two viewing styles - one slide per page vs. a single-page slide show
  • if you use the Opera browser, you can use the Opera Show controls.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Use any of the following for the next slide: Space bar, return, right arrow, down arrow, page down, click anywhere in slide that isn't in the control area (lower right corner), click "arrow" in lower right corner, accesskey "X".
  • Previous slide: Up arrow, left arrow, page up, click "arrow" in lower right corner, accesskey "Z"
  • Toggle the slide styles: Click on the toggle button (to the left of the arrows), press "t", accesskey "T".

For more slide show keyboard shortcuts, click here.

To invoke the navigation menu: mouse into the lower right corner of the slide (below the navigation arrows).

View the HTML Slide Show.









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